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Role: Design Team Member

Electronic Literature Organization's The NEXT is a combination museum, library, and preservation space containing 30 collections and over 3000 works of born digital literature. My responsibles included working with a team of 7 as a part of a larger team of 39 to develop a cohesive branding scheme, implementing that scheme in the form of site icons and images as shown here, and working with the members of my team to ensure that the branding scheme was enforced across teams during creation of the site.

Playstation Web Campaign Mock-Up

Playstation Ad: Web Banner
Playstation Ad: Playstation 1
Playstation Ad: Playstation 2
Playstation Ad: Playstation 3
Playstation Ad: Playstation 4
Playstation Ad: Transition
Playstation Ad: Playstation 5 Final Screen

A mock-up of a potential ad campaign for Sony's Playstation 5. The campaign would feature all of Sony's previous Playstation models and ask the viewer to click on the first one they owned. This would then show the viewer a breif description of what kind of player they are and prompt them to click to see the future of gaming. The ad would then transition to show the Playstation 5, prompting them to click to pre-order the console. The campaign is designed to engage the user through nostalgia, connecting the past with the future, enticing the viewer to recapture that nostalgia with the new console.This campaign would take the form of a web banner.