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Video games have shaped my life since a very young age. From the first time I held a controller in my hands, I knew I had discovered something special. As I've grown, I have come to enjoy games for more than just entertainment purposes. Incorporating rhetorical principles into the visual arts to create a meaningful piece is what motivates my work. I seek to instill important social messages through the media with which I work. To this end, I am passionate about video game design and the potential games hold to transmit social and cultural ideas by reaching audiences that these ideas may have never reached before. Not only do I view games as a fun form of entertainment, but I also view them as powerful tools for expressing these ideas through artistic means. Video games have the power to bring people together, to tell stories no other medium can tell, and create a wholly unique work of art. That is what inspires my designs and motivates me to further my skills as an artist.


Project Description Role
"Huli" June 2021 Huli is a 2D puzzle-platformer developed during the Portland Indie Game Squad's Summer Slow Jams 2021 game jam by a team of over 30. Join Huli, the game's titular character, as they set out to gather the soul orbs to restore their friend Maomi's spirit Design Team Lead, contributed to the game's art and story design, managed assets created by team members, worked with game leadership to maintain consistant artstyle
"The NEXT" Spring 2021 The Electronic Literature Organization’s The NEXT is a virtual space 一 a multimedial museum, library, and preservation environment 一 created to assure long-term accessibility to the cultural history of experimental writing that developed from the mid 1980s when computers were becoming modes of artistic expression, to the contemporary time, across the globe. Designed site icons, collaborated to create a cohesive brand for the virtual space.
"Treasure Trek" Spring 2021 Treasure Trek is short prototype of a zelda-inspired adventure game developed by a team of 5 using Unreal Engine 4. Brave the mines with only your lantern as you navigate past traps and puzzles to find the treasure! Contributed to the game's design, created concept art, created 2D assets, composed music
"Quest for Arete" Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Quest for Arete is an interactive fiction experience created by a team of 13 and developed using the Inform 7 platform. The game focuses on the player seeking the concept of "arete", meaning excellence in all things, through their navigation of 10 unique rooms, each representing a different virtue. The game was also published on itch.io. Narrative design, concept art design, and logo design for game's website.
"Aporkalypse" Fall 2020 Aporkalypse is a retro-style FPS where the player must blast their way through an evil corporation to reach the CEO in this cyber-pork adventure. Developed completely solo from asset creation, to programming in C#, and assembly in Unity. Creation of game from design to completion in Unity using Aesprite, Photoshop, and C# programming.


B.A. Digital Technology & Culture (Game Studies & Design Certificate) | Washington State University Vancouver | Graduation Date: June 2021

B.A. History & Social Studies (Secondary Education Certificate) | Whitworth University | Graduation Date: December 2017



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