Game Design


Huli Title Screen

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Role: Design Team Lead

Huli is a 2D puzzle-platformer developed during the Portland Indie Game Squad's Summer Slow Jams 2021 game jam by a team of over 30. Join Huli, the game's titular character, as they set out to gather the soul orbs to restore their friend Maomi's spirit.

Treasure Trek

Treasure Trek Cover

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Role: Game Design, Concept Artist, 2D Asset Creation, Music Composer

Treasure Trek is short prototype of a zelda-inspired adventure game developed by a team of 5 using Unreal Engine 4. Brave the mines with only your lantern as you navigate past traps and puzzles to find the treasure!


Aporkalypse Cover

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Role: Solo Developer

Aporkalypse is a retro-style FPS where the player must blast their way through an evil corporation to reach the CEO in this cyber-pork adventure. Developed completely solo from asset creation, to coding in C#, and assembly in Unity.

Quest for Arete

Quest for Arete Cover

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Role: Logo Design, Concept Art Creation, and Website Asset Design

Quest for Arete is an award-winning interactive fiction experience created by a team of 13. The game focuses on the player seeking the concept of "arete", meaning excellence in all things, through 10 unique episodes. Recipient of the Crimson Award for Humanities at Washington State University's SURCA 2021.